CLASS of 1957

Sophomore History

Leading the sophomore class of 1954-55 through out the year were, class officers Denny Gartner, president; Ronnie Madison, vice president; Norma Deal, secretary; and Joanne Doshan, treasures. Lois Alho, John Bates, Glen Brown, Richard Johnson, Raymond Johnston, Joe Klein, Russ Noreen, Wayne Olmsted and Donna Ryan were elected to serve on the class cabinet. Guiding the class ably during the year were Miss Ruth Prestegard, Mr Robert Brown, Mr. Robert Miller, and Mr. Lloyd Schmid. Connie Barber, Richard Johnson, and Ronnie Madison were hold overs on student council. Georgianna Leese was elected as a new member. The boys contributed much to the athletic prowess of the basketball court, track, baseball field, and gridiron. Three of the sophomore girls served as cheerleaders for the B. squad. At the sophomore winter party, held in the school cafeteria, entertainment and refreshments were mixed to form fun for all. The spring picnic provided out side recreation. Elective courses for the sophomores were agriculture, biology, business training, geometry, home economics, languages, shop and typing. Two of these could be chosen. Compulsory subjects were English, history, health and physical education. Proving that they apply themselves to these courses, many sophomore names appeared on the honor roll regularly.

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Mr. Walter Engelbretson

Sophomore Class Officers

Joanne Doshan,     Treasurer
Denny Gartner,     President
Ronnie Madison,   Vice-President
Norma Deal,         Secretary
Russ Noreen, Joe Klein, Ray Johnston,
Wayne Olmsted, Richard Johnson, and John Bates
Lois Alho, and Donna Ryan

Sophomore class cabinet

Planning the years activities