CLASS of 1958

Freshman History

The Freshman class of 1954-55 began their school year with the election of class officers and cabinet members. Bob Lindberg was chosen class president; Lynn McLane, vice president; Jean Philstrom, secretary; and Andy Bond, treasurer. In addition to the officers Janice Benson, Mary Jean Johnson, Jeannine Mayo, Janice Stika, David Harjes and Yvonne Woods made up the cabinet.
  • Advising the Freshman cabinet were Miss Wilda Miller and Mr. Dean Sanford.
  • Curtis Heikkenen and Doug Wright were elected to represent the freshman class on student council.
  • They had two social events during the year. A party in the winter and a picnic in the spring.
  • The required subjects of the freshman class were English, History, Science, Health, and Physical Education.
  • For their one elective they could choose Crafts, General Math, Algebra, Junior Business, or Latin.
  • The Freshman showed the most interest in these extra curricular activities; Pow Wow Band, Choir, Audio Visual Aid, Traffic Patrol, Pep Club, G.A.A., and Intramurals.

The class Officers

Guiding the Freshman Class through the Year

Jean Pihlstrom       Secretary
Bob Lindberg         President
Lynn McLean       Vice president
Andy Bond            Treasurer

The Freshman Class Cabinet

Planning the Class Party

David Harjes, Mary Jean Johnson, Curtis Heikkenen.
Janice Stika, Yvonne Woods, Janice Benson, Jennine Mayo.