Priscilla Wright

Priscilla Wright

See Man In The Raincoat

Granddaughter of former Conservative Prime Minister Arthur Meighen, Priscilla Wright's first public appearance came as the vocalist in a Bromo Seltzer commercial. A record exec at Unique Records heard her and signed her. At the age of 14 and still living at home, Wright had a North American hit with her song "Man In The Raincoat" which gave her the opportunity to appear on the Ed Sullivan Show, Perry Como, Soupy Sales, and CBC-TV as well has having her face on the cover of Cashbox music magazine in the US.

The record sold a million copies and led to a US acting and recording contract. Part of this deal was appearing beside Elvis Presley, Pat Boone and fellow Canadians The Four Lads in a music documentary.

Her second single, "Me And My Bestest Feller" went Top-10 in Canada. Her career soon hit a brick wall as her parents objected to her rising fame.

In the '60's she studied Geophysics at the University Of Toronto, and worked in the field before moving to Ottawa as the wife of Conservative MP Geoff Scott.

Later in her career Wright would join band leader Moxie Whitney for a 14 year vocal stint. She also did time with The National Press and Allied Jazz Band.

In 1985 Wright recorded the Michael Bolton song "Heartbeat" which reached No. 8 on the Canadian National Chart of 'The Record' magazine. This was followed by the John Jones penned "Say You'll Stay Forever" which received high recommendations from Billboard magazine.

But it was the 1988 remake of her own 'Man In The Raincoat' which wound up hitting No. 8 and spending 18 weeks on the RPM magazine music chart.

In 1991 Attic Records president Al Mair contacted her about reviving her career and in 1992 she was promoting her first album 'When You Love Somebody' which spawned two singles.

The resulting resurgence led to Wright's nomination for a 1993 Juno Award for 'Most Promising Female Vocalist'.

1995 saw the follow-up album 'The Singer And The Song' on Radioland/Polygram and received critical acclaim for its tasteful interpretation of timeless jazz standards.

In recent years Wright has been performing with several Big Bands and symphony orchestras including the Toronto Pops Symphony Orchestra at Toronto's Massey Hall and has performed on the main stage of jazz festivals including the Montreal Jazz Festival.